Free bitcoin (pretty much automatic money after setting up)

13 Сен 2019
Why should you try this method?

- This method works, Guaranteed!
- Guaranteed profit (Relatively quick)
- No investment required
- 100% Auto-pilot
- Only a ~ 5 minutes setup
- Easy to understand
- Newbie Friendly

Lets Start!

Step 1: Firstly signup here: this website pays Bitcoins for every box opened. Also if anyone does a free signup at your referral link you get around 35 - 38 gems (one gem to redeem for each box) along with 30% amount of gems for every offer they complete thereon.

Step 2: Automate opening boxes by using Tempermonkey. Install Tempermonkey by searching it in google (its a addon for your webbrowser), then install this script by clicking install:

Step 3: Copy this document with your own invite code and spread it around as a money making guide around forums or wherever you want. This is what is going to make all your bitcoin. The more you share the more you are going to get.

Step 4: Guessing that you already have bitcoin wallet, withdraw your bitcoin. The minimum is 0.049 wich is ~ 425 EURO.

Step 5: Watch all your money flow in.

If you want to, open two separate google accounts under different emails when signing up. That way you can have two automated things making you money at once!

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